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How to Edit a PDF With & Without Word

How to edit PDF in Word? Here's a thorough guide to edit PDF using Word. The flawless solution to edit PDF without available Word version is offered as well.

Editing a PDF can be such a pain in the neck before the release of Word 2013. At that time, people have to open and edit PDFs with Adobe Acrobat or other specialized PDF editors, which can be so inconvenient. Word 2013 is the first version that lets you open, edit, and resave a PDF without using other applications. It has become the most common way to edit PDFs on a PC, saving you so much time and effort.

How to Edit PDF in Word

So, how to edit PDF in Word? Is there any other PDF editor that is simple and easy to use? In this article, we’ll introduce how to edit PDF with Word specifically. Plus the best alternative to help you edit PDFs easily. Just keep reading!

So how to edit a PDF in Word? Before everything else, you might want to make sure you have installed the right version of Microsoft Word that lets you edit PDF in Word. The feature of editing PDF files is only available in Word on Microsoft 365, Word 2021, Word 2019, Word 2016, and Word 2013. Once you’ve got the compatible Word version, just check out the steps below to edit PDF with Word.

Step 1. How to Import a PDF in Word

Go to File > Open. Find the PDF you want to edit. Here you might need to browse the folder to locate the PDF. Select “OK” when Word says it’s going to import the file.

Edit PDF in Word - Import PDF

Step 2. How to Edit PDF in Word

Once you’ve successfully imported a PDF into Word, you can edit PDF in Word, for instance, edit texts and graphics just like usual. You can modify the page size, orientation, line spacing, font style, and margins as well.

Edit texts: Just alter the text and change the font style as you like. But please mind that the text inside the image is not editable when you edit PDF in Word.

Edit PDF in Word - Edit Texts

Edit graphics: You can edit and remove graphics in the PDF. Move them around or add your own graphics.

  • Add an image: Click on the menu Insert > Pictures. Select the image you want to add and Choose “Open” to insert it into the document.

    Edit PDF in Word - Add Image

  • Move an image: Select the image and drag it to a preferred location.

  • Delete an image: Click on the image and press the Delete key to delete the image.

  • Crop an image: Right-click on the image and choose the “Crop” option.

  • Add effect on an image: Click on the image to select it. Click on the FORMAT tab under “Picture Tools” to open all image editing options.

Step 3. How to Export the Edited Document as PDF

When you finish editing the PDF in Word, you can export it as a PDF again. Just click the FILE menu and choose the “Save As” option to export the document as a PDF.

Edit PDF in Word - Export PDF


Want to prevent others from changing your PDF? No problem, you can click on the Review > Restrict Editing, check the box next to "Allow only this type of editing in the document", and select the "No changes(Read Only)" option. Now the PDF file is not editable.

Notice: Texts, images, or other objects may be moved or rearranged in the new document after editing PDF with Word. In that case, you need to repair the errors to get a better output file.

With the specific guide above, now you should be able to edit a PDF in Word. Just make sure you have the Microsoft Word version that is capable of editing PDF files. However, not everyone is equipped with the right Word version. So how to edit a PDF without Word 2013 or later? Just try iTop PDF, a one-stop PDF solution for Windows PC.

Here are the main features that make it the most professional PDF editor.

  • Edit Any Object in PDF: Unlike the limited functions you can enjoy when you edit PDF in Word, with iTop PDF, you can literally edit anything in PDF. Just feel free to edit texts, images, and links as per your needs. You can also modify text size, color, and font style, insert links, and watermark if preferred.

  • Add Annotation/Highlight to PDF: Annotation and highlighting are essential to digital reading. Recognizing this fact, iTop PDF allows you to add the right kinds of annotations to the PDF. You can add notes, comment boxes, highlight important passages, underline and strikethrough specific texts, etc. to be more productive.

  • Move/Remove Objects in PDF: When you edit PDF in Word by moving images around, the formatting could be a little off when you export the PDF, which needs to be adjusted later. However, with iTop PDF, your life can be much easier. You can move or remove whatever content you want in the PDF and export formatted files just as you want.

  • Powerful PDF Editor: iTop PDF is the best PDF editor that supports powerful features you can’t find when you edit PDF in Word. You can convert, compress, merge and split PDF files. Furthermore, iTop PDF even allows you to encrypt PDF files with a password to avoid data breaches.

  • Intuitive UI: Designed with an intuitive UI, iTop PDF is straightforward to use. There is no learning curve because you can easily manage your PDF file with the Microsoft Office ribbon-style toolbar.

  • Edit PDF Fast & Free: iTop PDF is a highly effective editor that offers excellent editing features, which allows you to conduct PDF editing quickly and easily. Most impressively, it’s FREE.

How to Edit PDF with iTop PDF

Step 1. Free download iTop PDF and install it on your computer. Create an account or log in with your email or Facebook.

Step 2. Click the “Open PDF” on the main interface and import the PDF you want to edit.

How to Edit PDF With iTop PDF - Open File

Step 3. Switch the tab to “Edit” to edit content, and add texts/images. You can delete any object you want in the PDF. 

How to Edit PDF with iTop PDF - Editing Panel

Step 4. To add annotations, just select the “Comment” tab on top. Click on the “Notes” tab to add comments. You can also highlight important passages here.

How to Edit PDF with iTop PDF - Add Comments


How to edit a PDF? You can simply edit PDF in Word with the specific guides above. Just make sure to get the right version of Microsoft Word before everything else. But please mind that the output file format might be arranged differently if you edit a PDF with a Word, which needs to be further adjusted. Hence, it’s highly advised to use a powerful PDF editor, for instance, iTop PDF,  to make sure everything goes right. With iTop PDF, you can enjoy a variety of editing features that you don’t get with Microsoft Word and export a perfect copy without errors. Just try it for free and edit PDFs with ease now!

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