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How to Edit a PDF on Windows for Free [Create eSign]

How to edit a PDF on Windows easily? Check this article out for the guide on how to edit a PDF on your Windows PC for free, including redaction, and signature.

PDF or Portable Document Format is a flexible file format made by Adobe that makes presenting and exchanging documents easy and reliable, no matter what software, hardware, or operating system the person viewing the document is using. PDFs offer a high level of security, making them ideal for keeping your files confidential. The other advantage of PDF is that it allows the same layout and content to be shown on all devices.

How to Edit a PDF

Unfortunately, PDFs are difficult to edit compared to Excel and Word files because they are designed to be not editable. Even though, a kind of PDF editor software makes it possible to edit PDF files as easy as Excel and Word. In this article, we will guide you on how to edit a PDF file with an excellent PDF editor.

iTop PDF is a feature-rich yet user-friendly PDF editor software that assists with viewing, editing, commenting, converting, and protecting your PDF documents. iTop PDF is a PDF solution designed to make PDF file editing simple, even for beginners. It is an ideal choice for you if you like to create perfect PDF documents by editing content, adding text, images, different types of annotations, attaching links, manipulating pages, and customizing your stamp or watermark.

Besides that, iTop PDF is also a powerful converter to perform the conversion between PDF and a wide variety of file formats such as Word, Image, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, and more. iTop PDF provides encryption and redaction for file security. Users can password-protect files or redact sensitive information from PDF files. Additionally, users can generate e-Signatures and e-Sign instantly.

Below are the iTop PDF features:

1.1 Multiple Editing Functions

iTop PDF offers a number of PDF editing solutions to meet your needs. You can alter the original material, add text, photos and shapes, modify the text's size, color and font style, insert links and watermarks, and also design your own stamp. In addition, you can add comments to the PDF document, such as notes and comment fields, text highlighting, underlining strikethrough, and more.

1.2 Convert PDF to Any Format

With the most advanced PDF technology, converting files to and from PDF could not be simpler. Simply add your file to iTop PDF Converter, click the Convert button, and you'll receive a high-quality file in the selected format within seconds. PDF files can be converted to Word, Image, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. iTop PDF also offers bulk conversion of PDF files in a single operation and has an excellent multilingual conversion feature.

1.3 Merge, Split and Compress PDF Files

iTop PDF has well-designed tools that let you join, split, and compress PDF files. You can add, remove, and rearrange pages before combining them into one. Furthermore, iTop PDF allows you to split a single PDF file into numerous new PDF files.

1.4 Intuitive UI & Easy-to-use

iTop PDF is easy to use and has all the features you need. With an easy-to-use interface and a toolbar that looks like the ribbon in Microsoft Office, which makes it easy to manage PDF files.

In this section, we will guide you on how to edit PDF for free on Windows using iTop PDF. But, before that, let's learn more about the editing functions of iTop PDF.

2.1 iTop PDF Editing Function

iTop PDF provides a wide variety of editing tools that allow you to modify and update PDF files quickly. With this user-friendly PDF editing program, it is much simpler to adjust any type of text. You can modify texts, photos, and URLs, add notes and highlight, and move or remove objects.

Besides that, iTop PDF can also:

● Arrange pages by rotating, cropping, inserting, and reordering them.

● Instantly recognize forms. Just simply clicking into the form fields and inputting the information, forms can be easily filled out.

● You can quickly and easily create your own e-Signature in iTop PDF and e-Sign PDF files.

Next, we will learn detailed steps about how to edit a PDF with iTop PDF.

2.2 How to Edit a PDF Using iTop PDF

Step 1. Before editing a PDF, you need to download iTop PDF. After downloading, you can create an iTop PDF account by clicking "Create an Account" or logging in via email or Facebook.

Step 2. After finishing the sign-up process, you can start using iTop PDF. You can see the "Quick Access" tab and "Recent History" tab on the start page. Open a PDF file by clicking the "Open PDF" button on the left sidebar. Next, you can select the PDF file that you want to edit.

Open a PDF to Edit

2.2.1 How to Edit a PDF by Adding Texts

Step 1. By navigating to the "Edit" tab, you can alter content, add text and images, crop pages, experiment around with watermarks and links, and also add bookmarks.

Step 2. Click the "Add Text" menu, move your cursor to the position you want to add a text box and left-click once. After that, type what you want to add to the text box.

How to Edit a PDF by Adding Texts

2.2.2 How to Edit a PDF by Adding Annotate

Step 1. Adding annotations can be done through the "Comment" tab from the menu.

Step 2. You can add notes by clicking the "Note" menu and choosing the position where you want to add a note. You can also highlight pdf text, make text underline, strikethrough, and squiggly in this tab.

How to Edit a PDF by Adding Comments

2.2.3 How to Edit a PDF by Creating and Signing Your Own e-Signature

Step 1. To create an e-Signature, go to the "Protect" tab, then click on "Signature" > "Create New Signature". 

Step 2. Next, type, draw or upload your signature and click the "Create" button.

Step 3. After creating your own e-Signature, click the "Signature" menu again, then select the signature you just created. And apply it to the PDF page.

How to Edit a PDF Create New Signature

2.2.4 How to Edit a PDF by Redacting Sensitive Information

Step 1. You can hide sensitive information by redacting your PDF. In the "Protect" tab, choose the "Select for Redaction" menu.

Step 2. Select the part that you want to redact.

Step 3. Next, click the "Apply Redaction" button and choose "Apply" in the pop-up window to permanently black out the selected part.

How to Edit a PDF – Apply Redaction


PDF is a flexible file format made by Adobe that makes presenting and exchanging documents easy and reliable. However, despite the features it provides, it is hard to edit. In order to edit a PDF file easily, you can use a PDF editor like iTop PDF. iTop PDF is a free PDF editor used to edit a PDF by viewing, commenting, and adding texts on Windows easily.

iTop PDF also functions as a converter to perform the conversion between PDF and a wide variety of file formats such as Word, Image, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you are looking for an ideal tool for editing and converting PDF files, iTop PDF Editor is the perfect choice for it.

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