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How to Highlight a PDF Text in Simple Steps

How to highlight a PDF to emphasize important points? This post offers a detailed guide on how to highlight a PDF in simple steps with the best PDF editor.

PDF has been commonly used as a document format and widely shared among users. Thanks to the advantages this format shares, many files are saved as PDF files, including books, images, contracts, and many more. However, one big drawback of the PDF format is that it can be difficult for users to edit. For example, there are times you need to highlight certain words or paragraphs to mark the important part of the PDF document. Can you highlight the text on PDF? And how to highlight a PDF text? Don’t worry, this article is going to demonstrate how to highlight a PDF document easily with iTop PDF, one simple, powerful, and free PDF editor that takes care of all your needs for PDF editing.

How To Highlight A PDF

In this part, we’ll take iTop PDF as an example and illustrate detailed steps about how to highlight a PDF, including how to highlight text paragraphs and selected an area in a PDF file.

1.1  How to Highlight Texts in PDF

Step 1: Download iTop PDF and install it on your Windows PC. If you are new to the iTop PDF, create an account or link it to your Email to finish the sign-up process.

Step 2: On the start page, click on Open PDF to bring out the PDF file you want to highlight.

How To Highlight a PDF - Step 1

Step 3: Go to the “Comment” tab and click on “Highlight”. Then you can choose the color and transparency. Plus, there are multiple highlight formats you can choose. Alternatively, you can press Alt + 1 to highlight texts directly.

How To Highlight a PDF Text - Step 2

In this way, you should know how to highlight a PDF with selected texts.

1.2 How to Highlight an Area in PDF

Step 1: Download iTop PDF and install it on your Windows PC. Launch this PDF editor and open the PDF file.

Step 2: Go to the “Comment” tab and click on “Area Highlight” then. Left-click and drag your mouse to select a particular area to highlight. If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, press Alt +2.

How To Highlight A PDF In Area With iTop PDF

Besides acting like a PDF highlighter to help you highlight in PDF easily, iTop PDF offers more than your expectations. This one-stop PDF solution for Windows PC comes with full features as a comprehensive PDF editor. Interested in what it’s capable of? Check the following advantages that make iTop PDF a must-have PDF editing tool.


Massive marking tools are available except for the highlight: 

  • With iTop PDF, users can comment on PDF documents in various ways, including adding a note comment, a text box, and a comment box.

  • Customizing text in comments is also possible such as changing the font size, color, and alignment.

  • Moreover, if you want to add comments continuously, simply click on the “Note” button and you can freely add notes wherever you want.  

Multiple editing tools work:

  • In iTop PDF, you can edit your PDF files with quite a few options. By choosing “Edit Content”, you are allowed to add/delete text and modify the font in selected content.

  • Image insertion is pretty easy with this PDF editor. Within one click, you can add an image in any location and edit the picture as well. For example, you can comment on the image, style it, rotate it, and even add a link to it.

  • Add links to your PDF content. Similar to hyperlinks in word documents, iTop PDF allows you to add or edit a link to a targeted area. In this case, you can choose to jump to a specific page of the PDF file or open a web page when you click on the link.

Convert PDF to other formats:

iTop PDF has different ways to convert a PDF file to other formats. It manages to make the converting process quick and effective. All operations are expected to be done within seconds. The fastest way to convert a PDF file to other formats is, by clicking on the “Convert" option, to get quick access to convert your PDF documents to Word, image, Excel, PPT, and text in high quality.

Additionally, you can adjust the file type and location of your converted PDF files. With that being said, you can choose to save the file type as a long image or a page-by-page file.

Create and draw signature

You are allowed to add a signature on the PDF file in three ways. Firstly, you can simply type in the words. Secondly, you can draw your signature with the touchpad on your Windows PC. Lastly, uploading an image is also acceptable. By assigning the color and font, you are able to create a signature with all possibilities.

Add and edit watermark

iTop PDF introduces the watermark function in case you have some private and confidential use for the PDF file. Under the Edit column, feel free to add a watermark on your PDF file to protect your digital property. Customize your watermark with different fonts, text, and positions. You can also adjust the proportion of the watermark on the page.

Users highlight texts in PDFs for various reasons, but the most common two ones are the following.

1. To emphasize what’s important in the PDF document. No matter it’s a study or a work thing, knowing how to highlight PDF text sorts out the main idea and helps users to better master the whole content.

2. To catch the point faster. Obviously, a highlighted text paragraph or area is more likely to stand out from the content. Therefore, it’s easier for users to get to the point of the whole PDF at a faster speed.


How to highlight a PDF? This post shows you how to highlight a PDF file using iTop PDF for certain texts or a specific area. As your ultimate solution to editing PDF documents, this powerful PDF editor brings a wide range of editing and marking functions that can fully meet your various requirements in addition to highlighting. With it, you can edit, comment, convert, and add a signature to all PDF files with ease. Download iTop PDF now to start editing PDF with full features.

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